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To help all people, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling.

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Hostels were founded by teachers who integrated travel with learning, thereby establishing a legacy of programs and activities that introduce the history and culture of the local community. Through programming, hostels have become and integral part of communities, attracting volunteers, memberships and partnerships.

Hostels also foster their own sense of community by offering to each hosteler the opportunity to meet other travelers, share a dormitory-style room, cook in a communal kitchen, and interact in a common room. Sustainable environmental living, multicultural activities and travel programs are currently the core of programs found in hostels.

Hostels are considered to have a low impact on the environment. HI-AYH has been acknowledged and supported by the California Coastal Commission, Coastal Conservancy, California State Parks and Recreation and the City of San Diego. In 1994, HI-AYH adopted a work plan of guidelines to assist hostels in operating sustainable (environmentally aware) living centers and providing education on environmental management.

Typically, hostelers are self-sufficient and travel by means of alternative transportation: walking, hiking, cycling and public transportation.

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